Saturday, 28 June 2014

Daily Timeline ..

Topic 15 - Timeline of my day 

I have decided that I am not going to completely follow this topic suggestion and write a timeline of my day because really you aren't going to learn much from it .. 

Some people say "Everyday is Different"
but really most of the time it's all "Same Shit Different Day!"

 My timeline depends on the day of the week .. 
Mondays & Tuesdays - I work from 9.30-5.30 
Thursdays & Fridays - I work from 7.30-3.00
Wednesdays and Weekends - No Work!

On the days that I work it is all really same shit different day..
Get up, go to work and then go home - then depending on what time I finish
I walk Atlas & do a few chores around the house or in town. 
 At night it's all make dinner, eat dinner, clean up and then go on laptop & watch TV
Except for Tuesday's when we currently have Obedience Classes for Atlas,
or any day I may have a staff meeting to go to.

My days off are different depending on what I have planned, 
like the Wednesday just been ... where I mucked around at home, met my Mum for lunch in town, spent a few hours at their house with their new puppy & my grandparents dog, went home for a bit before going to a Professional Development meeting at work, then it was home for a late dinner and TV/bed!
But sometimes I end up wasting the day away & get nothing achieved at all. 

Right now it's 9.30pm on a Saturday night and I'm sitting in bed, on my laptop and watching "A-Team" on DVD. Once I've published this post I'm actually thinking of turning off my laptop and laying down to finish watching the movie and sleep ...
What a Nana huh!! 
Good Night xx

Sunday, 22 June 2014


A Cross .. 
Is it a shape, a religious symbol or both ???

I am personally not religious, I believe that everything happens for a reason, that is may not make sense straight away, but there is always a reason. 

I have nothing against anyone who is religious, a few of my closest friends are Christian. I believe that everyone has their individual right to believe in anything they wish, whether it be God or Aliens!

I could go on about this but do not wish to start a debate, so back to my original question .... A Cross .. a shape, a religious symbol or both ???

My answer ... Both!

To some people a cross is a religious symbol, but it is also a shape ... I love the shape of crosses and have quite a few different cross necklaces .. What I find very interesting though is that when I wear one of my cross necklaces I have been asked or assumed to be Christian .. Like last week I was wearing one of my favourite necklaces, which happens to be a multicoloured wire wrapped cross, and one of my workmates commented on it saying "I like your necklace! (Thanks) Is it a cross? (Yes) Are you Christian? (No) Oh.." And this was just because I was wearing a cross - Where actually I just like the shape & that particular necklace. 

What do you think?