Thursday, 31 July 2014

Scaredy Cat!

Topic 18 - What am I afraid of? 

As someone who "suffers" from A-Typical Depression I am often anxious, nervous, worried, afraid .. I guess it's a negative, pessimistic side of me. I'm always afraid of things going wrong and getting things wrong .. But my biggest "fears" would be:

Falling - being a heavier plus sized women I hate going on things that may not be able to hold my weight - like bridges ... or the time had to go up into the roof to get something for my partner & was so scared that the ceiling wouldn't hold me and I would fall through the ceiling!

FailingWhich of course goes with the being afraid of gettin things wrong .. And is one of the biggest reasons why I still haven't gone for my full drivers licence! And I need to renew my restricted next month as it expiries! But yes I am afraid of failing!! 

And last of all Clowns!
Well maybe not necessarily afraid of them but they freak me out! 

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Favourite Children's Book

Topic 17 - Favourite Children's Book

The actual topic for today is "Favourite childhood book" now I can't remeber exactly what my favourite book was during my childhood but one of the books I do remember being a favourite was "My Cat likes to hide in Boxes" and then as I grew older I loved "The Babysitter's Club" books.

 As an ECE teacher who owns her own collection of children's books I now have many favourite children's books .. 

My current favourite books are "Monkey Puzzle" & "The Very Cranky Bear"

 I love reading most children's books, especially if they rhyme.
There are also many great CD books available that children always LOVE!

Check out my growing list of "Great Children's Books" on Pinterest