Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A Final Update

This is my last weekly update post for a while, as I don't seem to be writing about anything else .. and I have about 15 draft posts on all sorts of different topics that I have yet to finish and post! 
I also have an awesome 31 Day Blog Challenge which I am starting tomorrow!!

 Well the past week and a half have been great! There are no photos from the dinners but we stuck to the Tuesday night takeaways (after Puppy Obedience Training) and at the most one other night per week. We have also been making conscious decisions on what takeaways to have and how much we are ordering. For example on Tuesday last week we had Hell Pizza, and instead of ordering 2 pizzas (as we like different flavours) and 2 sides, we agreed on one flavour and just ordered one pizza and 1 side!

My exercise goal has been going well, for the exception of all the rain we have had! But I am keeping track of all my walking (with Atlas) on Map my Walk, which has been a great tool to see how far I have walked each day and over the week.  

Since I always talk about what we have for dinner, I thought I would mention the other two meals of the day .. Breakfasts are always great, my usual breakfast is just toast (and usually eaten in the car on the way to work) but had I had
Hot Cross Buns over Easter! YUM!! 

Lunches .. well that could be whole another post! Lunches on the weekend are pretty good, sometimes we might pick up something from the bakery but most of the time we have lunch at home. Here are three examples of our weekend lunches ..
BLT Sandwich, Chicken Pita Pocket & Sausage Rolls

It's the weekday/work lunches that I really need to work on  I tend to just eat for the whole 30 minute break, whether I am that hungry or not.
And snacks lets not even go there!! They are my major let down, they are cause of my weight gain and why I am not losing any weight!!!

Anyways .. from now more posts about Living, Laughing & Loving Life!!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Yet Another Week Gone!!

Yet another work week has gone, and it was a short one at that due to Good Friday!
We did pretty well dinner wise this week!
Monday night as per last blog post we had
that McCain Stir & Serve meal.

Tuesday was takeaway night and we even choose a healthy takeaway!
A Chicken Caesar Pita from Pita Pit - YUM!
And to be completely honest I personally like Pita Pit more than Subway ..
tastes more like chicken, bacon, sauce and veges .. and less like bread!
Wednesday night we had Sausage Rolls & Savouries that were left over from the huge lunch we put on over the weekend for everyone helping us with our trees and gardens. Not the best thing for dinner but it meant they didn't go to waste.

On Thursday night I made Pad Thai for dinner! I was searching the pantry for ideas for dinner and found a "Pad Thai" meal kit, and so that's what I made, it was really easy and it meant I got to use some of those fresh veges I bought at the market and started using up things (the meal kit) in the pantry! 

Then last night I decided to go through the freezer and find some meat that needed using .. I found chicken drum sticks, and then found a Continental Cook In Bag Honey BBQ Chicken flavour mix! Yum! So I defrosted the chicken, put it in the oven bag with the seasoning and put it in the oven .. about 30 minutes into cooking (with only 15 minutes left) I realised I had done nothing to actually go with the chicken! So again I searched the pantry and found a microwave pouch of rice, cooked that and some mixed veges and we had Dinner!!

 As I am finishing this post Grant and I are packing up the car and heading to Himatangi Beach for two nights, to spend Easter Sunday & Monday with my parents, who are at their beach house. "Packing up the car" may sound a bit extreme for just two nights, but when you are taking the Cat (yes we take Jane with us) and the Dog, you need quite a bit of stuff! We are slowly leaving a few things there so we don't have to take them every time we go there (every Easter & Christmas/New Year, plus a few other times a year) such as beds and bowls.

I better go and help finish packing the car :) have a Great Easter everyone!!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Another Week Been & Gone ...

Well another week has been and gone ... It started out well, on Monday having the very little amount of left over Chinese, with a few Chili Corn Fritters from the Food in a Minute website.

On Tuesday I had a meeting just out of town for Atlas's Basic Obedience Training (which he starts this coming Tuesday) at 7pm, so by the time that finished, we ended up have McDonald's for dinner. We decided then that Tuesday's would be our Takeaway (or very quick dinner) night, as we will be having Training with Atlas at 6.30pm every Tuesday for the next 7 weeks, which won't finish till at least 7pm and is unfortunately right over dinner time. So by the time I get home I doubt I'll be in any mood to cook dinner.

On Wednesday neither Grant or I were feeling 100% so we ended up having a quick dinner of Tomato Relish & Cheese on Toast with some Scrambled Eggs.
On Thursday we had a good ol' Stirfry! This time it was a Chinese BBQ Beef stirfry .. not my favourite flavour but I do love Stir Frys!

On Friday was when our dinner's started going down hill! With Burger Fuel on Friday and then one of the worst (for you) takeaways .. KFC on Saturday! But it was the best dinner of KFC we have ever had! Usually we end up regreting it as it ends up been cold & gross (which is also why we very rarely have it) but this time it was HOT and just soo yummy!!

Last Night (Sunday) I was like NO that is enough!! We are to get back on track with our dinners from NOW ... we had some bread rolls left over from our weekend lunches, so I cooked up some Chargrilled Chicken Steaks and we turned these into Burgers ... mmm they were good :)   
And then tonight .. even though Grant didn't get home till 6pm and we needed to go to the laundromat to get our washing dry, I still cooked!! Yay Me! I admit it was one of the easiest and quickest meals but still!! McCain Stir & Serve - Chicken with Vegetables & Farfalle Pasta! You literally just pour the whole bag of frozen ingredients (including sauce) in a pan, cook/stir and then serve! Soo easy!! 

Now I plan to be MUCH better this week .. I even went to the market early on Saturday morning to get some Fresh Fruit & Veges .. check these out!! I got all this for just under $20.00!! 

Lettuce, Tomato, Mushrooms, Carrots, Broccoli, Beans, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber, Kiwifruit & Plums! I then also got a huge bag of Passionfruit from my Nana! I just LOVE Passionfruit, but they are just so damn expensive!! I am looking forward to dinner's with these fresh veges and fresh fruit snacks!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Update ..

Update .. well what a week .. not a good week :(

Sunday night after my last post we ended up having Chinese for dinner, Sweet & Sour Pork and Orange Chicken, so takeaways again and because there was so much we had the left overs on Monday night ... 

Tuesday night we had home cooked Beef Parmigiana! Mmm yum!
Crumbed beef schnitzel with ham, salsa, melted cheese & sour cream!!

Wednesday, my boss took the entire staff out for dinner at
Genghis Khan - Mongolian Bbq Buffet Restaurant .. boy was that yummy!!
It's so awesome, if you haven't been there before we all totally recommend it! You choose all your own raw meat, veges, noodles & sauces and then pass it to the chef that cooks it all right there in front of you! It's so good!

Thursday we were naughty and got Burger King for dinner, and by the way, so not worth it! We bought a $5.00 stunner meal each (plus an extra cheeseburger) and when we got home we realised we were missing our sundaes and our chips! Plus as usual it was half cold, must remember that next time!

Friday we were out and about getting wood for our project in the garage (will do a post on that later once it's finished), it got to dinner time so we decided to get takeaways. We decided on Burger Fuel, as we had both be feeling like it for a while, but very rarely get it as its so expensive, but damn is it worth it!!

Bacon Backfire with no Onion & added Plum Sauce .. mmmmm!! 

  Last night I decided that enough was enough and I was cooking! It was a pretty easy meal, but it was home cooked :) Pork Chop, Steak Fries, Jacket Potato, Mixed Veges & Garlic Bread .. which was good.

Tonight though, we lost track of time and well got Chinese for dinner, Sweet & Sour Wontons and Chicken Egg Fu Young. Tomorrow is a NEW Week and there WILL be cooked dinners and there WILL be photos to share next time!! 

So the next step was more exercise .. I went for 3 walks this week with Atlas, which is better than nothing, but not great .. so will work on this again too.
Wish Me Luck!