Monday, 14 April 2014

Another Week Been & Gone ...

Well another week has been and gone ... It started out well, on Monday having the very little amount of left over Chinese, with a few Chili Corn Fritters from the Food in a Minute website.

On Tuesday I had a meeting just out of town for Atlas's Basic Obedience Training (which he starts this coming Tuesday) at 7pm, so by the time that finished, we ended up have McDonald's for dinner. We decided then that Tuesday's would be our Takeaway (or very quick dinner) night, as we will be having Training with Atlas at 6.30pm every Tuesday for the next 7 weeks, which won't finish till at least 7pm and is unfortunately right over dinner time. So by the time I get home I doubt I'll be in any mood to cook dinner.

On Wednesday neither Grant or I were feeling 100% so we ended up having a quick dinner of Tomato Relish & Cheese on Toast with some Scrambled Eggs.
On Thursday we had a good ol' Stirfry! This time it was a Chinese BBQ Beef stirfry .. not my favourite flavour but I do love Stir Frys!

On Friday was when our dinner's started going down hill! With Burger Fuel on Friday and then one of the worst (for you) takeaways .. KFC on Saturday! But it was the best dinner of KFC we have ever had! Usually we end up regreting it as it ends up been cold & gross (which is also why we very rarely have it) but this time it was HOT and just soo yummy!!

Last Night (Sunday) I was like NO that is enough!! We are to get back on track with our dinners from NOW ... we had some bread rolls left over from our weekend lunches, so I cooked up some Chargrilled Chicken Steaks and we turned these into Burgers ... mmm they were good :)   
And then tonight .. even though Grant didn't get home till 6pm and we needed to go to the laundromat to get our washing dry, I still cooked!! Yay Me! I admit it was one of the easiest and quickest meals but still!! McCain Stir & Serve - Chicken with Vegetables & Farfalle Pasta! You literally just pour the whole bag of frozen ingredients (including sauce) in a pan, cook/stir and then serve! Soo easy!! 

Now I plan to be MUCH better this week .. I even went to the market early on Saturday morning to get some Fresh Fruit & Veges .. check these out!! I got all this for just under $20.00!! 

Lettuce, Tomato, Mushrooms, Carrots, Broccoli, Beans, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber, Kiwifruit & Plums! I then also got a huge bag of Passionfruit from my Nana! I just LOVE Passionfruit, but they are just so damn expensive!! I am looking forward to dinner's with these fresh veges and fresh fruit snacks!


  1. Go you. I just love reading how determined you are.

  2. Wow look at all those yummy veges :)

  3. I really ought to make more of an effort to go to our farmers market and get veges, would probably inspire me with food a bit more.