Sunday, 6 April 2014

Update ..

Update .. well what a week .. not a good week :(

Sunday night after my last post we ended up having Chinese for dinner, Sweet & Sour Pork and Orange Chicken, so takeaways again and because there was so much we had the left overs on Monday night ... 

Tuesday night we had home cooked Beef Parmigiana! Mmm yum!
Crumbed beef schnitzel with ham, salsa, melted cheese & sour cream!!

Wednesday, my boss took the entire staff out for dinner at
Genghis Khan - Mongolian Bbq Buffet Restaurant .. boy was that yummy!!
It's so awesome, if you haven't been there before we all totally recommend it! You choose all your own raw meat, veges, noodles & sauces and then pass it to the chef that cooks it all right there in front of you! It's so good!

Thursday we were naughty and got Burger King for dinner, and by the way, so not worth it! We bought a $5.00 stunner meal each (plus an extra cheeseburger) and when we got home we realised we were missing our sundaes and our chips! Plus as usual it was half cold, must remember that next time!

Friday we were out and about getting wood for our project in the garage (will do a post on that later once it's finished), it got to dinner time so we decided to get takeaways. We decided on Burger Fuel, as we had both be feeling like it for a while, but very rarely get it as its so expensive, but damn is it worth it!!

Bacon Backfire with no Onion & added Plum Sauce .. mmmmm!! 

  Last night I decided that enough was enough and I was cooking! It was a pretty easy meal, but it was home cooked :) Pork Chop, Steak Fries, Jacket Potato, Mixed Veges & Garlic Bread .. which was good.

Tonight though, we lost track of time and well got Chinese for dinner, Sweet & Sour Wontons and Chicken Egg Fu Young. Tomorrow is a NEW Week and there WILL be cooked dinners and there WILL be photos to share next time!! 

So the next step was more exercise .. I went for 3 walks this week with Atlas, which is better than nothing, but not great .. so will work on this again too.
Wish Me Luck!

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