Friday, 31 October 2014

Colour Dash NZ

 Participating in a Colour Run has always been on my "Bucket List" and now I can say that I have done it - I walked but I did it! Well at least a version of one - the "Colour Dash NZ" 5km, two Sundays ago on the 19th of October (yes I'm a bit late writing this post). Maybe not a big deal to some people but for me it's huge! 

The Colour Dash is a 5km fun run/walk for people of all ages, shapes and sizes with participants been splashed with special colourful dust along the way! Every Colour Dash NZ in 2014 is raising both awareness and money for Ronald McDonald House.

 My boss was entering a team and invited all us employees to join her. I was rather nervous about agreeing to join, as I didn't know if my legs would cope (I have problems with my calf muscles). But I grew some courage and along with some encouragement from my awesome workmate Ashleigh, I said YES let's do it! 

Ashleigh came around to my house first and then Grant drove us to our boss's house. We got changed into our white Colour Dash tshirts, then all 10 of us hopped into the centre van and headed out to Massey for the Colour Dash. After a quick toilet stop, we waited around near the start while they did all the pre-race activities, like presenting the $18,000 cheque to Ronald McDonald House!

At 2.17pm we were off, all 10 of us pretty much stuck together for that first km.
That first km was pretty easy and seemed rather short, unfortuantly my calves were already starting to hurt but at that 1km mark there was the yellow coloured dust been thrown & there was a wait to get through.
Once through we kept going and our group split into two, one faster group that speed up ahead and the slower more causal walkers (like me).

By the 2km my calves were killing me, but I had to keep going, I wasn't giving up! I did think to myself that I really must go back to the podiatrist and get something done about my calves. It was great having 4 others to walk with, it kept me going, kept my mind off the pain and made it fun! It was awesome having a different coloured dust at each km mark, as you knew how far you had been and how far you still had to go. It was a little disappointing at the last two colours though, as the 4km coloured dust was running very low and the 5km dust had completely run out! We were near the back but there was a good bunch of people still behind us.

 We finished and completed the whole 5km walk just a few minutes before 3.15pm when there was a huge colour dump - where everyone stood together and buckets of colour were thrown into the air. I was pretty pleased to realise that we had completed the 5km in less than an hour!

So proud of myself, completing the 5km, and it was so much fun! I totally recommend it to anyone and can't wait to do it again next year!! 

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Gym Junkie!

Okay not quite a Gym Junkie ... but I joined CityFitness Gym & I'm loving it so far!

For the past few years my mum suggested (a few too many times)
that I should join a gym and at the time I didn't want to, so I didn't! 

At the beginning of the year my boss, Kellie, started working part time as gym instructor and kept suggesting to all of us to join her gym, which I didn't not want to! And plus if I was going to join a gym it would NOT be the one she works at or goes to! Then a few months back my good friend, Kylee wanted me to join the gym with her, which I did want to do, but the cost was holding me back. 

Now on Monday (26 Sep) I cleared the mail at work and there was 2 CityFitness brochures amongst the mail, advertising gym memberships for $8 per week, so I kept one brochure as I was very interested .. then on Tuesday, I checked the mail at home and there was the same CityFitness brochure, so I checked out their website and then decided to go into CityFitness the next day!

So on Wednesday (24 Sep) after a bit of shopping I went into CityFitness and inquired about joining. I was informed about the two different membership options. 
I decided on the $12 contract, as I liked the idea of been able to go to classes if I wanted to. I filled out my information, signed on the dotted line & I was a member!! 

$12.00 a week, for everything (equipment, weights & classes), plus a bag, discounts on products, hour orientation personal training session, access to all CityFitness gyms in NZ and no contract.

On Friday the 26th September I had my orientation session with my Personal Trainer, Aidan. Warm up was boxing & was lots of fun! Oh my goodness though, if it was just me, I would have been done just after the boxing but nope we kept going! Aidan then showed me how to use & got me doing weights, which I never in a life time imagined me doing ... He also got me doing squats - OMG I was sore for 4 days after those!!!
I didn't end up quite completing the hour training session (didn't do all weights (no arms) or cardio at the end) as I got very light headed, apparently coz I'm not used to it. All in all though I really enjoyed the personal training session and once I have all my finances under control I want to book regular personal training sessions.

Since joining the gym 10 days ago, I have been 7 times (8 including the PT session) & strangely enough for me (who is usually not a big fan of exercise) LOVE going!
I even got my partner Grant joined up! 

We have the alarm set for 7 tomorrow morning, as Grant has his orinentation PT session, and I will be heading in for a workout too! So seeing as its 11.20pm I best get to bed for a good night sleep ready for tomorrow!
Night all xx