Saturday, 4 October 2014

Gym Junkie!

Okay not quite a Gym Junkie ... but I joined CityFitness Gym & I'm loving it so far!

For the past few years my mum suggested (a few too many times)
that I should join a gym and at the time I didn't want to, so I didn't! 

At the beginning of the year my boss, Kellie, started working part time as gym instructor and kept suggesting to all of us to join her gym, which I didn't not want to! And plus if I was going to join a gym it would NOT be the one she works at or goes to! Then a few months back my good friend, Kylee wanted me to join the gym with her, which I did want to do, but the cost was holding me back. 

Now on Monday (26 Sep) I cleared the mail at work and there was 2 CityFitness brochures amongst the mail, advertising gym memberships for $8 per week, so I kept one brochure as I was very interested .. then on Tuesday, I checked the mail at home and there was the same CityFitness brochure, so I checked out their website and then decided to go into CityFitness the next day!

So on Wednesday (24 Sep) after a bit of shopping I went into CityFitness and inquired about joining. I was informed about the two different membership options. 
I decided on the $12 contract, as I liked the idea of been able to go to classes if I wanted to. I filled out my information, signed on the dotted line & I was a member!! 

$12.00 a week, for everything (equipment, weights & classes), plus a bag, discounts on products, hour orientation personal training session, access to all CityFitness gyms in NZ and no contract.

On Friday the 26th September I had my orientation session with my Personal Trainer, Aidan. Warm up was boxing & was lots of fun! Oh my goodness though, if it was just me, I would have been done just after the boxing but nope we kept going! Aidan then showed me how to use & got me doing weights, which I never in a life time imagined me doing ... He also got me doing squats - OMG I was sore for 4 days after those!!!
I didn't end up quite completing the hour training session (didn't do all weights (no arms) or cardio at the end) as I got very light headed, apparently coz I'm not used to it. All in all though I really enjoyed the personal training session and once I have all my finances under control I want to book regular personal training sessions.

Since joining the gym 10 days ago, I have been 7 times (8 including the PT session) & strangely enough for me (who is usually not a big fan of exercise) LOVE going!
I even got my partner Grant joined up! 

We have the alarm set for 7 tomorrow morning, as Grant has his orinentation PT session, and I will be heading in for a workout too! So seeing as its 11.20pm I best get to bed for a good night sleep ready for tomorrow!
Night all xx



  1. Awesome work joining the gym and $12 contract is awesome!! I wish I got mine that cheap and I'm at city fitness too!

    1. Thanks, am still LOVING the gym!

      According to the Palmerston North City Fitness Facebook page (which is the one I joined) everyone was getting their memberships fees reduced .. so might pay to check with your local City Fitness too :)