Friday, 30 May 2014

Handbag Inventory!

Topic 14 - What is in my handbag?

Like most women I keep almost everything and anything in my handbag! My ex's dad (Mark) used to call it my Tardis (from Dr Who for anyone who doesn't know).

So here is what's in my handbag ...

Pouch with Vouchers - Keys - Glasses - Cookie Time Breakfast Cookie - Wallet 
Receipts - Hairties - Work Notebook - iPhone - Gloves - Impluse
Nurofen - Tic Tacs - USB Stick - WW Bar - Lip Gloss - Lipstick - Lip Balm

Perfume - Mini Hand Santizer - Pen - Hot Chocolate Sachet
Pill Container - Tampons - Quick Eze

Looking at all the stuff in that photo you would think that I have a huge handbag, but nope just an average sized black handbag (which I really need to replace, as the strap is falling apart) so wow no wonder Mark used to call my handbag a Tardis .. I can't believe how much stuff is in there!

Do you keep as much as I do in your handbag? 

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Live Laugh Love & My Blog

Topic 13 - My Favourite Quote 

Anyone who knows me and has been to my house knows that I have a
"slight" obsession with the saying "Live Laugh Love"
as it can be found in almost every room in our house! 

 As well as home decor I also have an awesome "Live Laugh Love" necklace
which was made for me by the amazing
Alysia at DNA Jewels.
The next tattoo I have on the plans is to get "Live Laugh Love" done
on my right wrist .. but that will be once I have some money saved up :)

My blog name also gives away what my favourite saying is ...
I came up with the name of my blog by
combining my obsession with the saying "Live Laugh Love" and the fact that my blog is all about so many things but most of all LIFE, so putting it all into one I came up with the title "Live Laugh Loving Life" and it really explains my life at the moment! 
PS - You can also find my blog on Facebook!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

If I won the Lottery!

Big whoops .. I keep getting to busy and forgetting about this 31 Day Challenge .. I think we can safely say that I have failed on the 31 Days part .. BUT I am not going to give up .. I am just going to alter this challenge to be 31 Topics!

Topic 12 - If I won the Lottery!

Winning the lotto is something that everyone dreams about .. including me ..
which may one day come true for some people .. but properly not for me considering I don't buy lotto tickets!

My partner Grant does though .. I remember when the lotto Jackpot was up to 10 Million and I told him that if he won, all I would ask for is for my home loan to be paid off .. and of course he agreed considering it would have been less than 5% of his winnings! Maybe I should have asked for more lol :)

Okay so here is what I would do if I won a One Million Dollar Lottery ..
and beware I'm extremely boring ...

  • $500,000 (half) into Savings .. told you I was boring!!
  • Pay off my Home Loan! (and any other debt)
  • Renovate - Brand New Furniture & fix every tiny little thing!
  • Travel - Australia (visit family) Europe, America & somewhere Tropical!
  • Business - put money into my little business Jane's Jewels NZ and get a new logo, website etc
What would you do if you won the lottery??

See you next time for Topic 12 :)
I would say tomorrow but with my record I can't guarantee it!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

My Proudest Moment

Day 11 - Most Proud Moment

My Graduation!! 

After 4 years of studying and working my ass off I completed my qualification and graduated with my Bachelor of Education (Teaching) majoring in Early Years 0-8 and graduated May 2010!

Coming a very second close to my own graduation was my partners graduation.
After being with him during his entire 3 years of study, I was very proud to see him graduate last year :)

Monday, 19 May 2014

First Celebrity Crush!

Day 10 - First Celebrity Crush 

My first celebrity crush, well the ones I remember about were ...

Beau Brady, from my Home & Away watching days ...

and Leonardo Dicaprio, from watching Titanic over and over again on Christmas Eve with a very close family friend, wasting as much time as possible until Christmas.

and last but certainly not least .. Heath Ledger.
The younger Heath Ledger especially when in "10 Things I hate about you" 

 Now I know the topic for today is "First Celebrity Crush"
but come on what better excuse to post some recent eye candy too!
So here you go .. some eye candy for you to enjoy :)


Sunday, 18 May 2014

Piercings & Tattoos!

WHOOPS! Got so busy and completely forgot about the 31 Day Blog Challenge!
My last blog post was Day 8 - Old Photo of Me ... and it's now the 18th!

So today instead of been Day 16 as it should be ..
I will continue on from where I left off ..

Day 9 - Piercings & Tattoos!

Everyone has different opinions about piercings and tattoos, personally I like them and don't believe anyone's character should be judged on any sort of body modifications whether they are piercing, tattoos or even hair colour! 

I have 3 tattoos which you can see and read about on my previous post "My Tattoos"

The only piercings I now have are my ear lobes, and I very rarely ever change my earrings. This photo is one time that I did actually change my earrings as I got the very cute
Genuine Disney Winnie The Pooh Earrings! 

Sometime around 2005 I got my tongue pierced, loved having my tounge pierced but took it out around 2010 as I had chipped a few teeth from the metal bars and my dentist kept telling me I should take it out, so I finally listened after a big dentist bill to fix my teeth!

So getting back on track with this Blog Challenge I will see you tomorrow!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Old Photos Of Me

Day 8 - Old Photos Of Me!

Properly one of the easiest blog posts ..
a bunch of old photos of me :)

1990 - 1991


High School Ball - 2003

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

10 Favourite Foods

Day 7 - 10 Favourite Foods

Below is the list of my 10 favourite foods, in no particular order .. as well as how I like them. I have also narrowed down some of them too, for example the first thing Chocolate, I like all chocolate but my absolute favourite is ...
well keep reading and find out :)

Chocolate - for some reason at the moment my favourite is "Cadbury Twirl"!

Potato Chips - all time favourites are Cooper Kettle - Wood Fired BBQ

Lollies - So many different favourites but I'll always go for Haribo Tangfastics

Fruit - Love almost every fruit (but am fussy with Bananas, Apples & Oranges)

Chicken - Pretty much done anyway with anything!

Satay Sauce - goes hand in hand with Chicken! but also Roti!

Pasta - I love pasta hot or cold with pretty much any topping.

Marmite Sandwiches - with VERY fresh bread - a little spread & a little marmite! 

Pizza - Most favourite would be Hell Pizza or Homemade Satay Chicken 

Nuts - Roasted & Salted Cashews, Macadamias and Honey Roasted Peanuts.


Considering how much I like food, that was hard .. not to narrow it down to only 10 but to actually think of 10! Anyways time to sleep! See you tomorrow.

Monday, 5 May 2014

My Guilty Pleasure ...

Day 5 - My Guilty Pleasure ..

Watching DVDs!

I would have to say that my guilty pleasure would be watching DVDs,
I can spend all day lying around watching DVDs, whether its movie after movie
or a complete TV Series! 

 I am usually doing other stuff at the same time but I always have a movie or something on TV at the same time. Over the last weekend I watched the remaining few discs Season 4 of Gilmore Girls and started on Season 6 of CSI-NY, but I also sorted out all my Jane's Jewels NZ Jewellery, did 3 loads of washing and helped my partner with pulling cables from our house to our garage!

Since New Zealand television went digital, we have not had actual television, but this has not bothered us at all as we hardly ever actually watched TV anyways.
This would be because we have a massive DVD collection with over
1400 DVDs, all which are originals!

Below are our three main DVD cases, which are all in the lounge.
Left - Movie Sets        Middle - TV Series       Right - Our Favourites

We then also have 2 smaller DVD cabinets in the dining room (all other movies)
and a 60L plastic container fill of Children's DVDs.


So that's my guilty pleasure! See you tomorrow :) 

Sunday, 4 May 2014

My Earliest Childhood Memory

Day 4 - Earliest Childhood Memory ..

Playing in the Tupperware cupboard with my younger brother!  

My brother and I for some unknown reason quite often liked to pull
EVERYTHING out of the Tupperware cupboard!
Here is a photo my Mum snapped us!

Even my childhood best friend remembers doing this with me!
Goodness knows why we did but we must of had fun if we did it so many times!

I have quite a few other memories from my childhood, as I guess everyone does,
but this one really sticks out for me.
See you tomorrow :)

Saturday, 3 May 2014

20 Facts About Me!

Tonight's post is both Day 2 & 3 because yep I completely forgot to do
Day 2 yesterday! Completely useless I know!

20 Facts About ME!

1. I have 2 middle names 
2. I was born 4 weeks early 
3. I have been with my partner 4 years, 4 months
4. I'm a huge Animal Lover
5. I have a younger brother
6. My first plane ride overseas was at 18 months 
7. I am meant to wear glasses (& really should considering the cost of them)
8. I wear a size 8-9 shoe depending on the fit.
9. I have a major sweet tooth!
10. My favourite TV shows are all crime related - CSI, NCIS etc
11. My left pinky finger is still bent from when I broke it at age 12
12. I spend way too much time on Facebook & Pinterest
13. I love Winnie The Pooh
14. My favourite colour is Purple!
15. I did a 6 month student exchange in America, 10 years ago
16. I would rather wear tights (under tunics etc) than wear jeans.
17. I really enjoy baking and cooking
18. I have had 4 surgeries - all on my jaw.
19. I suffer from tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
20. I named my business after my cat! 

Wow that was surprising hard! To think of 20 different things, and to not go on writing about each one! I properly could have written a good paragraph on each!

Number 20 is also Day 3 blog post topic :) "Meaning of my business name"
My business's name is "Jane's Jewels NZ" and comes from our cat Jane, who always used to look after (& play) with my beads and jewellery making supplies, while I was trying to make jewellery.

So there we go Day 2 & 3 complete! See you tomorrow :)

Thursday, 1 May 2014

31 Day Blog Challenge - Introduction

What's the best way to start writing posts on other topics .. to start a 31 Day Blog Challenge! 

Today's topic (been Day 1) is Introduction!

As you all know I'm Andrea & I am 26 years old.
I enjoy talking, shopping & jewellery making.
I love animals, purple, chocolate & movies.
I live in Palmerston North, New Zealand with my partner Grant, our cat Jane & our puppy Atlas.

This month, you are going to learn lots about me, that you may or may not know already. So I'm not going to go into too much detail today.
Have a great night everyone and I'll see you tomorrow for Day 2!

Andrea xx