Wednesday, 28 May 2014

If I won the Lottery!

Big whoops .. I keep getting to busy and forgetting about this 31 Day Challenge .. I think we can safely say that I have failed on the 31 Days part .. BUT I am not going to give up .. I am just going to alter this challenge to be 31 Topics!

Topic 12 - If I won the Lottery!

Winning the lotto is something that everyone dreams about .. including me ..
which may one day come true for some people .. but properly not for me considering I don't buy lotto tickets!

My partner Grant does though .. I remember when the lotto Jackpot was up to 10 Million and I told him that if he won, all I would ask for is for my home loan to be paid off .. and of course he agreed considering it would have been less than 5% of his winnings! Maybe I should have asked for more lol :)

Okay so here is what I would do if I won a One Million Dollar Lottery ..
and beware I'm extremely boring ...

  • $500,000 (half) into Savings .. told you I was boring!!
  • Pay off my Home Loan! (and any other debt)
  • Renovate - Brand New Furniture & fix every tiny little thing!
  • Travel - Australia (visit family) Europe, America & somewhere Tropical!
  • Business - put money into my little business Jane's Jewels NZ and get a new logo, website etc
What would you do if you won the lottery??

See you next time for Topic 12 :)
I would say tomorrow but with my record I can't guarantee it!

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