Saturday, 3 May 2014

20 Facts About Me!

Tonight's post is both Day 2 & 3 because yep I completely forgot to do
Day 2 yesterday! Completely useless I know!

20 Facts About ME!

1. I have 2 middle names 
2. I was born 4 weeks early 
3. I have been with my partner 4 years, 4 months
4. I'm a huge Animal Lover
5. I have a younger brother
6. My first plane ride overseas was at 18 months 
7. I am meant to wear glasses (& really should considering the cost of them)
8. I wear a size 8-9 shoe depending on the fit.
9. I have a major sweet tooth!
10. My favourite TV shows are all crime related - CSI, NCIS etc
11. My left pinky finger is still bent from when I broke it at age 12
12. I spend way too much time on Facebook & Pinterest
13. I love Winnie The Pooh
14. My favourite colour is Purple!
15. I did a 6 month student exchange in America, 10 years ago
16. I would rather wear tights (under tunics etc) than wear jeans.
17. I really enjoy baking and cooking
18. I have had 4 surgeries - all on my jaw.
19. I suffer from tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
20. I named my business after my cat! 

Wow that was surprising hard! To think of 20 different things, and to not go on writing about each one! I properly could have written a good paragraph on each!

Number 20 is also Day 3 blog post topic :) "Meaning of my business name"
My business's name is "Jane's Jewels NZ" and comes from our cat Jane, who always used to look after (& play) with my beads and jewellery making supplies, while I was trying to make jewellery.

So there we go Day 2 & 3 complete! See you tomorrow :)

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