Monday, 5 May 2014

My Guilty Pleasure ...

Day 5 - My Guilty Pleasure ..

Watching DVDs!

I would have to say that my guilty pleasure would be watching DVDs,
I can spend all day lying around watching DVDs, whether its movie after movie
or a complete TV Series! 

 I am usually doing other stuff at the same time but I always have a movie or something on TV at the same time. Over the last weekend I watched the remaining few discs Season 4 of Gilmore Girls and started on Season 6 of CSI-NY, but I also sorted out all my Jane's Jewels NZ Jewellery, did 3 loads of washing and helped my partner with pulling cables from our house to our garage!

Since New Zealand television went digital, we have not had actual television, but this has not bothered us at all as we hardly ever actually watched TV anyways.
This would be because we have a massive DVD collection with over
1400 DVDs, all which are originals!

Below are our three main DVD cases, which are all in the lounge.
Left - Movie Sets        Middle - TV Series       Right - Our Favourites

We then also have 2 smaller DVD cabinets in the dining room (all other movies)
and a 60L plastic container fill of Children's DVDs.


So that's my guilty pleasure! See you tomorrow :) 

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  1. We don't watch 'real' tv anymore either, at least with dvd's you don't have to worry about the adverts.