Thursday, 29 May 2014

Live Laugh Love & My Blog

Topic 13 - My Favourite Quote 

Anyone who knows me and has been to my house knows that I have a
"slight" obsession with the saying "Live Laugh Love"
as it can be found in almost every room in our house! 

 As well as home decor I also have an awesome "Live Laugh Love" necklace
which was made for me by the amazing
Alysia at DNA Jewels.
The next tattoo I have on the plans is to get "Live Laugh Love" done
on my right wrist .. but that will be once I have some money saved up :)

My blog name also gives away what my favourite saying is ...
I came up with the name of my blog by
combining my obsession with the saying "Live Laugh Love" and the fact that my blog is all about so many things but most of all LIFE, so putting it all into one I came up with the title "Live Laugh Loving Life" and it really explains my life at the moment! 
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