Sunday, 18 May 2014

Piercings & Tattoos!

WHOOPS! Got so busy and completely forgot about the 31 Day Blog Challenge!
My last blog post was Day 8 - Old Photo of Me ... and it's now the 18th!

So today instead of been Day 16 as it should be ..
I will continue on from where I left off ..

Day 9 - Piercings & Tattoos!

Everyone has different opinions about piercings and tattoos, personally I like them and don't believe anyone's character should be judged on any sort of body modifications whether they are piercing, tattoos or even hair colour! 

I have 3 tattoos which you can see and read about on my previous post "My Tattoos"

The only piercings I now have are my ear lobes, and I very rarely ever change my earrings. This photo is one time that I did actually change my earrings as I got the very cute
Genuine Disney Winnie The Pooh Earrings! 

Sometime around 2005 I got my tongue pierced, loved having my tounge pierced but took it out around 2010 as I had chipped a few teeth from the metal bars and my dentist kept telling me I should take it out, so I finally listened after a big dentist bill to fix my teeth!

So getting back on track with this Blog Challenge I will see you tomorrow!

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