Sunday, 24 August 2014

Facebook "Friends"

Making more changes on my Life Journey! 

I am realising more and more that my Life Journey is not just about weight loss and learning to be happy but is about so much more! Life is everything after all!

After a discussion with a great work friend about the happenings of this weekend,
I decided I needed a very clear line between personal and professional!

To begin this process I started on my Facebook "Friends" list .. I started with over 280 "Friends" and really come on admit it, how many of us really have that many friends!
I know that a good chunk of them are Family (or my partner's family - who are now my family) and people I met while I was in America (post on that experience later). 

I went through my Facebook Friend list and started thinking would I stop and talk to this person if I saw them down the street? Would I even say Hello? Would they even recognise me? And every person who I answered NO for I deleted (unfriended)! 

I am glad I deleted all those people because really if I would stop to even say Hello to these people - why the hell would I share everything else with them!!
Think about all the stuff you post on Facebook .. Photos, Life Events, Sucesses!
None of those people would be there for me in any struggles or problems so why would I share all the wonderful things with them!! 

I then deleted everyone from work who I didn't want to be sharing my personal life with (eg most staff members & all parents of children attending my work) creating a much needed personal professional line. 

I then had the great pleasure of deleting anyone I can't be bothered with! Including those people who are always posting all that "look at me look at me" crap! Like one "friend" (from high school) who posts almost every hour complaining! 

End Result - from over 280 down to 245! 
A great start at least - now I am wondering if there is anyway to group Facebook Friends?? Would love to group all Family together, all my American friends together & all study colleagues together. 

I would then be left with a very small selected group of friends left but really it's so much better sharing your life with a few real friends!!

While I was having this very rewarding time of deleting people off Facebook, I was also browsing around Pinterest (as ya do) and saw this & thought it was perfect for the occasion so shared it on both my Facebook & Instagram

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Map My 4km Walk

I knew I wanted to go for a walk after work today, but instead of doing the usual walk around the block, I decided to walk to the couriers and back, since I had a few parcels from Jane's Jewels NZ to send.

I marked out the walk on Map my Walk website and it told me that the walk to the couriers was 1.76km, so return was 3.53km in total, which sounded pretty good to me, since my usual walks are around the 3km mark, so this added an extra
500-ish metres to my walk.

I then got changed into my walking gear, grabbed the courier parcels, put on my headphones, put the Halti (head-collar) on Atlas (to stop him pulling) and I was ready to go. I started up the "Map my Walk" app on my iPhone and started walking. 

 I just love the Map my Walk app, it connects to the GPS in your phone and tracks your entire walk. I have the "Voice Feedback" turned on, so I get informed at every kilometre, how far I have walked, how long I have been walking and my current pace! Which really keeps you motivated, especially if you want to walk for a certain amount of time, or a certain distance.

I was just around the corner from the couriers when the app told me I had walked 2km! Which told me that website was a bit out with it's measurements but meant that my walk would about around 4km in total! Yahoo!

Once I dropped the parcels off at the couriers, we turned around and headed back home. We were almost home when the app told me I had walked 4km! I was very excited, as all my previous walks had only been 3 point something.

When I got home I stopped the app and completed the record.
The app told me I had walked 4.19km in 45 minutes & 4 seconds, that my average pace was 10.45 minutes per kilometre and that I had burned 1674 kilojoules.
Whoop Whoop! Next Goal is 5km!!

Atlas was pretty well behaved, and didn't pull too much. There were a few roads to cross but he sat (when told) at each intersection and waited for me to check for cars :) During the walk there is a few huge sections of very long grass! Which Atlas had never experienced before but loved exploring!

Me at the 4km mark!
Atlas exploring the long grass.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A Nailing Bad Habit

Topic 19 - My Worst Habit

Nail Biting!!  

My worst habit would definitely have to be nail biting! It is a horrible habit that I have always had. I have had this bad habit so long, I can remember in primary school getting in trouble (from my mum) for biting my nails!
And now at 27 years old I still bite my nails!! 

I have tried the "Stop That" nail biting, nail polish that tastes bad ..
Just plain pretty nail polish ..

Even getting acrylics .. 
18 October 2012
Only photo I could find of my Acrylic Nails!
 Which helped for a while but end up biting them (but not breaking them) which causes them to weaken & lift up earlier than they should so they end up coming off before I get a chance to get them infilled again .. And once they are off, my nails are longer but I just end up biting them again. 

I have tried to narrow down and figure out why & when I bite my nails. 
I know I bite them when I'm bored or stressed out but so often I don't realise I've even bitten my nail until it too late! 

Do you bite your nails? Have you gotten over this habit?
If so please share your tips with me!!!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Getting Back On Track

I don't know how other people work, but I find myself searching on Pinterest when I have something on my mind .. like at the moment I am feeling really bad about my weight and that I NEED to get back on track!!! 

Soo that is what I searched .. and this is what I found ...

So reading that I shouldn't beat myself up about it .. BUT really come on, this year was meant to be different!! and now we are in August - the 8th month - and not only have I not lost anything .. it's worse I've put on more!!! 

So this is it! I have had enough! I AM going to do this!!

First I need a goal to keep me motivated ...
My brother is coming home (from Australia) in December for Christmas and I haven't seen him since last Christmas, so I REALLY want to show him how well I can do! Especially since I know that he has been working hard, going to the gym, losing weight & doing a 12km run! 

My Goal - 20kgs by 20th December! 

Starting today - the 1st August
means I have 4 months and 20 days! 
or 20 weeks & 1 day! 

hmm bit of a pattern in the number 20 there! 
Wonder if that means anything?