Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A Nailing Bad Habit

Topic 19 - My Worst Habit

Nail Biting!!  

My worst habit would definitely have to be nail biting! It is a horrible habit that I have always had. I have had this bad habit so long, I can remember in primary school getting in trouble (from my mum) for biting my nails!
And now at 27 years old I still bite my nails!! 

I have tried the "Stop That" nail biting, nail polish that tastes bad ..
Just plain pretty nail polish ..

Even getting acrylics .. 
18 October 2012
Only photo I could find of my Acrylic Nails!
 Which helped for a while but end up biting them (but not breaking them) which causes them to weaken & lift up earlier than they should so they end up coming off before I get a chance to get them infilled again .. And once they are off, my nails are longer but I just end up biting them again. 

I have tried to narrow down and figure out why & when I bite my nails. 
I know I bite them when I'm bored or stressed out but so often I don't realise I've even bitten my nail until it too late! 

Do you bite your nails? Have you gotten over this habit?
If so please share your tips with me!!!

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  1. I got over the habit in my teens and I can't remember what the motivator was. I do find now that I still put them in my mouth and that weakens my nails. Wearing a tinted nail polish has been great as it protects my nails and hides some of the damage done in the early days.