Friday, 1 August 2014

Getting Back On Track

I don't know how other people work, but I find myself searching on Pinterest when I have something on my mind .. like at the moment I am feeling really bad about my weight and that I NEED to get back on track!!! 

Soo that is what I searched .. and this is what I found ...

So reading that I shouldn't beat myself up about it .. BUT really come on, this year was meant to be different!! and now we are in August - the 8th month - and not only have I not lost anything .. it's worse I've put on more!!! 

So this is it! I have had enough! I AM going to do this!!

First I need a goal to keep me motivated ...
My brother is coming home (from Australia) in December for Christmas and I haven't seen him since last Christmas, so I REALLY want to show him how well I can do! Especially since I know that he has been working hard, going to the gym, losing weight & doing a 12km run! 

My Goal - 20kgs by 20th December! 

Starting today - the 1st August
means I have 4 months and 20 days! 
or 20 weeks & 1 day! 

hmm bit of a pattern in the number 20 there! 
Wonder if that means anything?

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