Thursday, 31 July 2014

Scaredy Cat!

Topic 18 - What am I afraid of? 

As someone who "suffers" from A-Typical Depression I am often anxious, nervous, worried, afraid .. I guess it's a negative, pessimistic side of me. I'm always afraid of things going wrong and getting things wrong .. But my biggest "fears" would be:

Falling - being a heavier plus sized women I hate going on things that may not be able to hold my weight - like bridges ... or the time had to go up into the roof to get something for my partner & was so scared that the ceiling wouldn't hold me and I would fall through the ceiling!

FailingWhich of course goes with the being afraid of gettin things wrong .. And is one of the biggest reasons why I still haven't gone for my full drivers licence! And I need to renew my restricted next month as it expiries! But yes I am afraid of failing!! 

And last of all Clowns!
Well maybe not necessarily afraid of them but they freak me out! 

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