Friday, 30 May 2014

Handbag Inventory!

Topic 14 - What is in my handbag?

Like most women I keep almost everything and anything in my handbag! My ex's dad (Mark) used to call it my Tardis (from Dr Who for anyone who doesn't know).

So here is what's in my handbag ...

Pouch with Vouchers - Keys - Glasses - Cookie Time Breakfast Cookie - Wallet 
Receipts - Hairties - Work Notebook - iPhone - Gloves - Impluse
Nurofen - Tic Tacs - USB Stick - WW Bar - Lip Gloss - Lipstick - Lip Balm

Perfume - Mini Hand Santizer - Pen - Hot Chocolate Sachet
Pill Container - Tampons - Quick Eze

Looking at all the stuff in that photo you would think that I have a huge handbag, but nope just an average sized black handbag (which I really need to replace, as the strap is falling apart) so wow no wonder Mark used to call my handbag a Tardis .. I can't believe how much stuff is in there!

Do you keep as much as I do in your handbag? 

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