Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A Final Update

This is my last weekly update post for a while, as I don't seem to be writing about anything else .. and I have about 15 draft posts on all sorts of different topics that I have yet to finish and post! 
I also have an awesome 31 Day Blog Challenge which I am starting tomorrow!!

 Well the past week and a half have been great! There are no photos from the dinners but we stuck to the Tuesday night takeaways (after Puppy Obedience Training) and at the most one other night per week. We have also been making conscious decisions on what takeaways to have and how much we are ordering. For example on Tuesday last week we had Hell Pizza, and instead of ordering 2 pizzas (as we like different flavours) and 2 sides, we agreed on one flavour and just ordered one pizza and 1 side!

My exercise goal has been going well, for the exception of all the rain we have had! But I am keeping track of all my walking (with Atlas) on Map my Walk, which has been a great tool to see how far I have walked each day and over the week.  

Since I always talk about what we have for dinner, I thought I would mention the other two meals of the day .. Breakfasts are always great, my usual breakfast is just toast (and usually eaten in the car on the way to work) but had I had
Hot Cross Buns over Easter! YUM!! 

Lunches .. well that could be whole another post! Lunches on the weekend are pretty good, sometimes we might pick up something from the bakery but most of the time we have lunch at home. Here are three examples of our weekend lunches ..
BLT Sandwich, Chicken Pita Pocket & Sausage Rolls

It's the weekday/work lunches that I really need to work on  I tend to just eat for the whole 30 minute break, whether I am that hungry or not.
And snacks lets not even go there!! They are my major let down, they are cause of my weight gain and why I am not losing any weight!!!

Anyways .. from now more posts about Living, Laughing & Loving Life!!

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