Sunday, 30 March 2014

Update on the Track!

Last Saturday (the 22nd) I posted about getting back on Track ..
this is the update!
Now as I planned I took a photo of our dinner (almost) every night this past week ... Dinner Details at very end of this post :)

Tuesday was my one late night this week finishing at 5.30, which is not very late so I could have cooked dinner but after the day I had, I REALLY couldn't be bothered! So we decided that it would be our ONE takeaway night for the week. We headed to Downtown Food Court and Grant got his beloved Roast, I really didn't feel like roast, so got Wedges & a Chicken Stick instead.

The rest of the week was good until we got to Friday, I was thinking of doing Pasta Bake or Stir Fry for dinner, but I got a txt from Grant around 4pm asking if his friend Nigel could come around for dinner and drinks, to discuss something and this is when Grant suggested Pizza for dinner .. and instead of been good and saying no I will cook, I agreed to the pizza .. and then we ended up having the left overs for dinner on Saturday night. 

What I learnt from taking photos of our dinner every night is that our down fall is not only late night finishes but Weekends!! I have also found that I am more consice of what we are having for dinner because I am taking a photo of it to share, which was all part of the plan to begin with .. so I am going to continue with dinner sharing photos each week :) AND start with Step Two - More Exercise!

After all this talk of dinner has made me realise that it's already 6.45pm, and we haven't had dinner yet (as Grant has been very busy in the garage working).
Now to be completely honest I haven't even given dinner a second thought until now, so I better finish up this post and get cracking with sorting out some dinner :)

Sunday - Bacon, Eggs, Hashbrowns, Mushrooms & Tomato.
Monday - Pork Chop, Baked Potato, Mixed Veges & Tomato.
Tuesday - Takeaways - Wedges & Chicken Stick 
Wednesday - Sausages, Mashed Potato, Mixed Veges, Yorkshire Puddings & Gravy
Thursday - Steak, Eggs, Mushrooms, Steak Fries & Tomato.
Friday - Internet Photo - Domino's Pizza
Saturday - 29 March - No Photo - Left Over Domino's Pizza.


  1. What a fabulous start you've had. I'm going to enjoy watching you meet your goal.

  2. Such a good idea to photograph your dinner! Keeps you accountable to yourself. I think I might have to try this too :)