Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Sour Lollies!!

Sour Lollies .. 
you either like them or don't them ... 
you can either handle them or you can't .. 
which are you??

I have been a sour lolly lover for as long as I can remember! 
Whether it's "Sour Worms" (or Cola Bottles) that aren't really sour ..
or "TNT"s with their liquid sour centre ..
or the hard sour "Warheads" or "Short Circuits"..
or any other sour versions of candy, like "Skittles" & "Jelly Belly" Jellybeans!

Yum Yum Yum!! 
My fondest sour lolly memory is going to the diary after school with my best mate Nikole and spending a few dollars just on Sour Lollies! We used to sit on the huge street sign at the end of our street & watch people as we ate the whole lot!
We were always on the hunt for really sour lollies, like REALLY sour lollies!
We eventually found these soft individalluy wrapped sour lollies that were the sourest we could find & we LOVED them! Except the blue ones that tasted like blueberry shampoo lol, these ones we would put the letterbox of a boy who we went to school with and lived down the road .. Ahhh the memories!!

Now my partner Grant loves sour lollies too, even more than I do! and he can handle them so much better than I can these days! So for his 30th I went searching for some really sour lollies to add to his Birthday present. 

Grabone happened to have a deal where you paid $10 and got a $20 voucher for the "London Lolly Shop" I had never heard of them before, so got searching and found that they had these sour lollies called "Barnetts Mega Sour" and they sounded like just what I was looking for :) so I ordered a bag of every flavour!
Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Bubblegum, Plum, Cola & Lemon.

Grant loved them! and since I'm a very lucky girl he shared with me and
OH EM GEE!!! They are SOUR!!! I gave one of each favour to Nikole and even she found them sour!! So I suggest if you love sour lollies like us ..
check out Barnetts Mega Sour Lollies!!!


  1. this was an awesome post! No one ever blogs about sour lollies. I have featured this post over at Pea Soup - A New Zealand Blogging Community.

    Hayleigh xx

    1. Thanks Hayleigh! Yeah not a very normal blog post topic, but when I found these extremely sour lollies I wanted to share .. and then all the memories from my childhood came up .. so it ended up been a great topic to write about :)

  2. Andrea I'm in the other camp. I don't like sour lollies at all. Luckily my other half does.

  3. Yay! Sour Sweets (what we call lollies in Blighty).