Saturday, 22 March 2014

Getting Back On Track ..

I need to get back on track!!
I am currently so far off track that I'm lost in a padlock!  

I have been on very few walks since spraining my ankle,
it's all better now so its no excuse!
And eating, well let's not even go there! It's not been good.
Too many takeaways and too much of just eating whatever I want ...

But this is it .. I am better than that!!

While I was cooking dinner I told my partner, Grant that tonight was the first night of a week of cooking at home and no takeaways! The only exception will be if we are invited out with friends or family, but then it would be out for dinner at a resturant rather than takeaways. 

Grant's only question was "What if I finish work late?" which is usually one of the main reasons we end up having takeaways, because by the time he gets home (sometimes not till 7.30-8pm) I feel that it's too late to cook. My answer was that I will either cook before he gets home and he can eat when he gets home. 

Now Grant quite likes his takeaways and his favourite lately is roast!!
Which really is hardly a takeaway, but still we made a compromise ..
we will only ONE takeaway night this week!!! (If we have any at all)

This was tonight's dinner .. Thai Coconut, Chilli & Lime Chicken Stir-fry, with lots of veges and hokkien noodles .. mmm yum!


This is the first step to getting back on track .. to succeed and prove that I/we can do this ... I plan to take a photo every night this week to document what we had for dinner :) and I will share them all with you at the end of the week! 


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