Saturday, 8 March 2014

My Birthday!

I celebrated my 27th Birthday last week (1st March) and was going to post this on my Birthday, but was waiting for another nice day to get photos of my garden stakes lol

My day started off with Weight Watchers where I quickly weighed in (and lost 1.7kgs whoop whoop!) then headed home got changed and Mum picked me up for a Mother Daughter day at Martinborough Fair


We had a great day, wandering around all the stalls, we stopped into a few of the different cafes to find some lunch. We walked out of a few places as the line was too long, there were no free tables, or we didn't understand a word of the menu lol. We ended up in a cute bakery, where we had a chicken kebab and shared a punnet of chips & a egg sandwich. We then also had berries and ice-cream later on from one of the stalls .. mm yum :)

I bought an awesome coloured pencil necklace from Colour In Your Garden, a dragonfly & flower garden stake for my garden & a random rubber toy for Atlas
(who destroyed it in about an hour!!) 


Once home I got my Birthday present from Grant, which was my old laptop completely rebuilt and upgraded :) so it's now pretty much a brand new laptop, in my old laptop case! Plus some Girl Guide Biscuits & an erasable Pink ink pen :) 

We then headed out for dinner with Mum & Dad to Bethany's, where I knew exactly what I wanted for dinner before I even told Mum where I wanted to go! "Chicken Breast" -Wrapped in bacon, gourmet large shell pasta, sweet corn, button mushrooms, red onions, baby spinach, crushed cashew nuts and cherry tomatoes, sundried tomato pesto and apple syrup. YUM!!! and then "Death by Chocolate" for dessert and my goodness, that was a lot of chocolate, even for me who just LOVES chocolate lol :)


While out for dinner I got given my presents from my parents, my brother (who lives in Australia) and my Grandparents (who are away travelling the south island). I was very spoilt and am very grateful to have such a wonderful family and a great bunch of friends (who txted a posted messages on Facebook) xxx


  1. Awww sounds like the perfect day :) Love that necklace!

  2. What a lovely family day & Happy Birthday:-)