Monday, 13 January 2014

Introducing Atlas!

Atlas is 17 weeks old and is a Bernese Mountain Dog cross Rottweiler.

His mum was a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog and her owners found
out she was pregnant just one week before she gave birth to her
puppies (3 gorgeous little boys).
Dad is the neighbours purebred Rottweiler, who jumped the fence.

We drove to Hawkes Bay (about 2 hours away) on Saturday
the 9th of November to pick him up when he was just under 8 weeks old.
Atlas weighed 7kgs at the age of 8 weeks, now at 17 weeks he now
weighs a massive 18kgs, and still has a lot of growing to go!
He is going to be one BIG boy!

He is just gorgeous and we love him to pieces!

First Night At Home

Age 14 Weeks

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