Friday, 17 January 2014

My Small Business - Jane's Jewels NZ

Hey everyone, this blog post I will admit is a bit of advertising
for my small business! Jane's Jewels NZ!

I started making jewellery in my spare time (when I find any) about 7 years ago as yet another hobby. Unlike cross stitch & card making, jewellery making became a very passionate (& expensive) hobby of mine.

After a year or two of making jewellery, my father and many others kept suggesting I sell some of the Jewellery I make, as I cannot possibly wear them all .. so in 2011 I took their advice and my small business "Jane’s Jewels NZ" was created, so now I continue to enjoy my hobby of making Jewellery with love and selling it at a reasonable price is a great bonus :)

After Jane's Jewels NZ turned 1 year old, business really starting kicking off
and I started importing some different jewellery
and other "Jewels" in to purchase at a reasonable price :)

The name Jane’s Jewels NZ comes from our darling little cat Jane,
who always used to look after (& play) with my beads and jewellery making supplies, while I was trying to make jewellery.

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