Sunday, 12 January 2014

Introducing Jane!

Since my blog is about everything in life and one of the main things in my life are my pets I thought I would introduce my pets! 

Starting with Miss Jane!

Jane is almost 3 years old and a little cutie! 

She loves cheese, chicken & treats.
Loves playing with pompoms & hair ties.

Jane can even play fetch with her pompoms,
even better than Atlas the puppy can!  

Last year in February Jane went missing for a week & arrived home with very sore hind legs. After a trip to the vet we discovered she had fractured her pelvic bone. The vet thinks she had been hit by a car, and then hid to recover & then slowly made her way home. What a brave little girl! She healed very well, but still struggles a bit with climbing through windows, so we put in a cat door, which has made it easier on her :)

Next post - Introducing Atlas! 

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