Monday, 20 January 2014

Earthquake ..

I wasn't planning on writing a post about Earthquakes but if your from New Zealand then you would have heard about the big(ish) earthquake today .. then again if your from aboard you may have heard about it too ... 

We were visiting at Grant's Aunty, Uncle & Cousin's house, where his (talented singing) twin sisters were visiting from Australia ... We were all sitting around talking in the lounge when the whole place just started shaking! 

Boy was it a big one! Looking the quake up on Geo Net and no wonder it was the biggest earthquake I had ever felt .. the location of the quake was "15km east of Eketahuna" and we were approx 10km South West of Eketahuna!! 

We were all pretty shaken up, but all okay :) All the books fell off the bookshelf in the lounge, tools fell off the shelves in the garage & the kitchen was quite a mess, with heaps of fallen items and broken glasses & plates :(
When we got back home to Palmerston North, the fridge had moved a good 10cm, the outdoor table had moved a good few feet across the deck .. and just a few things around the house had fallen over or fallen off the shelf .. except for in the office where heaps of stuff had fallen off the bookcase .. and in the toilet where my gorgeous glass koru lived on the window sill, it had fallen onto the tiled floor & broke :( a little guttered as it was a Graduation Gift from my Grandparents .. but very thankful it wasn't worse xxx


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