Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A Heavy Decision ...

I have a big decision to make ..
and I've called it a heavy decision as its about Weight Watchers ... 

Every month last year I was paying $54.90 for some random lady to weigh me and was rarely staying for the meeting part .. and then lost near to nothing ... 

This year the price has gone up to $58.50 per month .. and with me having decreased my work hours this year, I am re looking at my budget and wondering whether to continue with Weight Watchers.

I know that last time I quit Weight Watchers to do it on my own instead of paying some random to weigh me, I didn't end up losing and ended up putting on the weight again as I wasn't held accountable to weighing in each week ... where I am a little worried that will happen again this time .. but then it's all about ME and the will power to do it! and I will be accountable to myself and to my blog .. I will continue to put up a Weight Loss post every Saturday with a weigh in!

I have bought a Weight Watchers ProPoint Calulator so I can continue to work out points (from the nurtional values) without the use of my WW iPhone app, which I currently use to work out points. Without the iPhone app, or the online tools, all which I will lose access to if I leave Weight Watchers I will be unable to look up the point value of items that do not have the nutritional values stated on them, such as meat. Therefore if I leave, I will need to write down all the point values for items like that between now and then. 

Tonight I have been writing up my lunch items list, as my work lunches are usually a random combination of things of the list, such as yoghurt, sandwich/cruskits, fruit, Weight Watchers bars and other snacks.

I also plan to write up the ProPoint values for our favourite complete meals, such as Homemade Pizza and Stir-fry, which I plan to do whether I leave or not to make working out dinner points easier :)
I am currently paid up until the 25th of March, so I have until then to decide and will continue to attend meetings until then too ... 

Feel free to comment with your advice on what I should do ... 
and watch this space for a decision!!!


  1. Reading your post it looks like you've already decided. Good Luck, whatever decision you make.

    I popped over from Hayleigh and Peasoup.

    1. haha yes re-reading it, it does sound like I have made the decision :) Thanks