Thursday, 20 February 2014

Keeping Atlas Cool

We have had some very hot weather here in Palmerston North over the last few days! Both yesterday and today it got up to 32 degrees! 

And while I know it's hot for us humans, I feel sorry for the animals .. We can cool off inside in front of a fan, take layers of clothes off, but animals can't do that .. so don't just think of your animals when it's winter and freezing outside, but think of them in this boiling hot weather too :)

We have done as much as possible to help Atlas
(who is now 5 months old & 25kgs) keep cool in this hot weather.

We swapped his water bowl for a large bucket, so now he always has enough water to drink, as before he would take just one drink and half the water would be gone! 

We also filled up a kids plastic seashell paddling pool with water, which lives under a tree, so he can cool off .. but as Atlas is not keen on getting in the water, he just uses it as an extra large water bowl!

When we are home, so we don't flood our back lawn, we put the sprinkler on, so Atlas has very fresh water to drink, and to help him (very) slowly get used to water and getting wet, he mainly uses the sprinkler to drink and is now putting his head in the water a little too. 

While on Pinterest a while back I found this awesome idea where you freeze a container of water with chicken stock, treats & toys inside to keep your dog entertained and cool in hot weather .. 

Now Mr Atlas just LOVES ice, so I thought I'd give this a go! 
Oh, now when I say he loves ice I really mean it .. Whenever he is inside and your in the kitchen he goes and sits by the freezer and waits, and even more so if you ever open the freezer. Because Atlas loves his ice we give him it as a treat, it's free, good for his teeth and it doesn't matter how much he has :) 

In Atlas's block of ice I put in a little chicken stock, a few treats and his rope toy. It took approx 24 hours to completely freeze, which meant I got to give it to him once I got home from work today and oh my goodness he LOVED it!!
The entire thing only lasted him 30 minutes because as soon as he gave it a first sniff & lick, he just chewed and chewed and chewed til it was all gone!

Another photo I just had to share ..
the angle of the photo makes him look HUGE!

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