Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Grant's 30th Halloween Birthday Party!

This was going to be my very next post, but I have been waiting on photo's from Grant's Dad who is more of a photographer than I am, still haven't got his photos but thought I would post this now anyways :)

The Birthday Boy - Grant 
  Grant only decided on his costume the week before his party. He originally wanted to go a Gomez Addams, but we didn't know if the costume he found online would fit, so he decides to go as "Michael Corleone" from the movie "The Godfather" he bought the Hat & Spenders on Trade Me and the Suit, Shirt & Tie from Hallensteins all the week before his party.
The Cake - Simply Scrumptious
The Cake - I had been a liker on Simply Scrumptious' Facebook page for a while when I saw her post a Wedding cake that had white skulls & red roses on it, so I contacted her about making Grant's cake, but instead of been a white 3 tier cake, being a black 1 tier cake. Isn't it amazing!!

ME ... Jewellery - Jane's Jewels NZ
 Hair, Make Up & Photography - Toxic Tina Creations
Now Me ... I decided and arranged my entire costume about three weeks before the party. I found these amazing wings online, which arrived two weeks before the party, I planned on wearing these with my black lace City Chic Dress and then made my necklace, and bought some new black studded high heel shoes to complete my outfit. 

I found Toxic Tina Creations on Facebook ages ago via a friend and just loved her make up and photography, so messaged her and arranged to have my hair and make up done, I thought that if I'm getting all done up I may as well get photos taken too, and I'm so glad I did, I just Love them!!!

& here are just a few more photos that were snapped from the party :)

My Bestie Nikole & I

Our Friends - David & Rachael

A Few Of The Decorations

Atlas Sound Asleep The Next Day, Completely Shattered From The Party
& Still Wearing His Bow Tie!

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