Sunday, 9 February 2014

Too Many Takeaways ...

Am running a bit late with this weeks Weight Loss blog post, due to have my partner's 30th birthday party last night & having family stay!
(See next blog post for party photos!) 

Well weigh in was not exactly very good ... I put on 200grams :(
Now I could say that this was because I had two denist appointments which left half my face numb which meant I felt like crap and didn't eat .. but honestly it was properly more our dinner choices this week .. Too many takeaways!!

Palmerston North is completely shocking for takeaways, just on my drive to work, which is about 4.5kms there is a Burger King, Wendy's, Subway, McDonald's, Indian and KFC on the drive there!!! 

I heard a while back on the radio that Palmerston North has one of the highest Takeaway Restaurant to People ratio in New Zealand, now I can't guarantee that this is correct or what the actual numbers are but I would believe it!

Now I know that is no excuse at all and it's all about been too lazy to cook dinner, so it's going to change! I have made up a month's calender for our dinner menu, whether our dinner is pre-planned or decided at the time, it will be recorded on the calender, and will be displayed on the whiteboard in the kitchen where everyone can see it. I will also post it on here once the month is done!
Hopefully this will encourage us to cook dinner more often!!

Let's see how we go!! 

February Menu 2014 Template

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