Saturday, 1 February 2014

One Month .. No Energy Drinks!

Weight Watchers Weigh In Today ... 100.5kgs
Meaning I lost 1.2kgs this week!!! Yay :)

My news years resolution for 2014 is to give up Energy Drinks! 

This news years resolution was made with my boss, and if she sees me with any type of energy drink I owe her $50! So this will be one new years resolution I will be keeping! As my boss she should be paying me, not me paying her!

My best friend Nikole, is also going to give up energy drinks this year, and we have a deal going that the first one to break it and have an energy drink, takes the other one out for dinner .. hmmm I must ask her how she is going!!

I used to have at least one a day, and when I say one a day, I mean the 500ml cans not the little 250ml ones!! My favourite and most common choice of Energy Drink would be V, the good ole original Green V!! Last year I did give up energy drinks at one point, but only latest three months without one, and then started drinking them again, not one every day but one every couple of days ..

This year though I have so far made it the entire month of January without any type of energy drink, but it hasn't been easy, I have definitely wanted one .. but resisted temptation and choose something else instead :) The trouble with that is that Coke, or another soft drink is just taking the energy drinks place .. so next on the plan is to reduce the soft drinks too!

But come on surely I can do this!!  

My Last V - 31/12/13

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